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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


PT Siemens Indonesia kembali membuka kesempatan bagi para siswa lulusan SMU/ SMK untuk dididik menjadi teknisi dalam bidang Listrik, Mekanik, Mekatronik dan Telekomunikasi pada:

Pendidikan Khusus Kejuruan Teknik PT Siemens Indonesia

Pendidikan berlangsung selama 2 tahun,
hari belajar: Senin s/d Jum’at 07.00 – 16.00 WIB
bertempat di
Pendidikan Khusus Kejuruan Teknik PT. Siemens Indonesia, Cilegon Factory, Jl. Eropa I Kav. B2 Krakatau Industrial Estate, Cilegon.
Syarat-syarat pelamar:
Warga Negara Indonesia pria/wanita
Lulusan SMU-Program IPA dan SMK Jurusan Listrik, Mesin, Elektronika dan Telekomunikasi tahun 2005 dan 2006
Berusia tidak lebih dari 20 tahun pada tanggal 31 Agustus 2006
Bertempat tinggal di Jakarta, Banten, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah dan Lampung
Untuk SMU-IPA, nilai rata-rata Matematika, Fisika, Bahasa Inggris dan Kimia di Surat Tanda Kelulusan atau Rapor, minimal 7,0
Untuk SMK/STM, nilai rata-rata Matematika, Bahasa Inggris dan Nilai Kejuruan di Surat Tanda Kelulusan atau Transkrip Nilai, minimal 7,0.

Lamaran secara tertulis ditujukan selambat-lambatnya tanggal 14 Juli 2006 (stempel pos) kepada:
PT. Siemens IndonesiaPendidikan Khusus Kejuruan Teknik (PKKT)Jl. Eropa I, Kav. B2 – KIECP.O. Box 24, Cilegon 42443, Banten

Dengan melampirkan fotokopi dari:
Transkrip Nilai SMK yang dilegalisir
Surat Tanda Kelulusan SMU/SMK yang dilegalisir
Rapor kelas 1, 2 dan 3 yang dilegalisir
KTP / Surat Keterangan Lurah
3 (tiga) lembar pas foto terbaru ukuran 4 x 6 cm
Keterangan Dokter berbadan sehat.

Pengumuman bagi pelamar yang akan di tes dapat dilihat pada papan pengumuman di PT. Siemens Indonesia, Cilegon Factory dan PT. Siemens Indonesia, Jl. Jend. A. Yani Kav. 67-68 Pulomas, Jakarta 13210, pada tanggal 29 Juli 2006. Surat lamaran tidak akan dikembalikan dan surat menyurat ditiadakan.

Vocational Training Center (VTC) - PT. Siemens Indonesia

Welcome to Vocational Training Center !Here you will find all our internal Guidelines and Support for our Vocational Training Center activities. Please give us any comment or notice if you missanything on these pages or if you would like to add other informatio


To be the benchmark in providing Vocational Training to meet the future challenges and needs of high qualified employees through apprentice program and industrial training (tailor made) for Siemens groups and other companies.


To provide a high level of quality training and services to meet our customer's satisfaction (Siemens groups and other relevant companies).
To contribute to social and Indonesian industrial communities.
To enable employees not only to gain better life but also to gain self-fulfillment and the employability.

Task & Objective

Planning and implementing training as service provider for Siemens group and other companies in Indonesia.
Strengthening the integration of trainees into business.
To combine industrial and technical training to form synergy
To be more consistent in matching qualifications to required competencies.
To ensure training is (geographically) close to the business.

1. Historical Background
In line with production of electrical panel for Power Distribution & Transmission Division at the already existing in Pulo Mas Factory, there was an urgent need to provide skilled and trained work force to support production line. Therefore, PT. Siemens Indonesia initiated to establish vocational training (VT) in the field of electric in 1977.
Ten years later in 1987, Siemens decided to expand its activities in Indonesia by establishing more production facilities to manufacture products and components for power generation in Cilegon. The company decided that fabrication require not only machinery and all Siemens know-how but also skilled technicians. To fulfill this need, Siemens established another vocational training in Cilegon Factory in the field of mechanic which initially focused on: Turner/Miller, Fitter and Welder specialization.
In order to enhance the efficiency of both centers, the management decided to relocate the electrical training from Pulo Mas to Cilegon factory in 1992. Thereafter all fields of training conducted in the newly inaugurated Vocational Training Center - Cilegon.
There have been dynamic changes and substantial expansion in some divisions of Industrial Solution & Services, Automation & Drives, Information and Communication (Network & Mobile), followed by the establishment of more new Siemens companies such as PT. Siemens Cable Optic in 1996 and PT. Osram Indonesia in 1997. Consequently VTC has to match the qualifications of VTC - graduates to the required competencies of technicians in Siemens Companies by opening new apprenticeship programs: Mechatronics in 2000 and Communication Electronic Technician and Telecommunication Technology in 2001.

2. Field of trade and delivery system.

The new shape of Vocational Training has a two-year program that applied to all trades/professions:
Industrial Mechanic TechnicianIndustrial Electric/Electronic TechnicianMechatronic TechnicianCommunication Electronic Technician
In delivering the training program, The Vocational Training Center applies a high level and recognized German's dual system approach, namely one and half years in Vocational Training Center and half year in Industry. Where basic and advanced training program are delivered in the first and half years, while in the next half year covers on the job training. The composition of the training program consists of 30 % theory and 70 % practice. All training is conducted in Bahasa Indonesia by experienced instructors.

4.Communication Electronic

==Apprentice Program ==

3. Selection Procedures

The recruitment of apprentice trainees has an important role as key point of success in bringing up the trainees to become qualified technicians. To do this, VTC puts an advertisement in the most leading Indonesian daily newspaper. Usually about 1500 to 2000 applicants (SMU, SMK graduates) apply to be VTC - trainees. In order to ensure the incoming trainees meet the specific requirement of VTC, the following procedures of receiving inspection have to be conducted.
The documents coming from the applicants have to be verified administratively before invited to undergo psychology test. The applicants shall fulfill the following criteria:
Indonesian citizen
Place of address: Banten, Jakarta, West Java, Middle Java, East Java, & Lampung areas.
Age between 18 to 20 at the time of application,
SMU and SMK graduates
For those coming from SMU-graduates, the Grade Point Average(GPA) for mathematics, physics, chemistry and English shall be:7.00 in minimum and for those coming from SMK (Technical)graduates, the GPA for mathematics, English, practical training andtrade theory shall be 7.00 in minimum.
In the first preliminary, out of around 1500 applicants, about 600 applicants will be selected administratively and invited to undergo psychology test. The second preliminary step concentrates on interviewing of 70 applicants who have achieved the highest level of total score. Out of 70 interviewed candidates, finally, the number of selected traines who will sign the contract/agreement are defined based on the company needs.

4. Contract
To guarantee the successful of the training program, PT. Siemens Indonesia and the trainee with his / her parents have to sign the training contract / agreement.The contract usually consists of program, school regulation, evaluation etc. At the end of the training period, PTSI and the trainees are not forced to sign any possible work contract.

5. Software and hardware
The training modules are translated from German language into Bahasa Indonesia (e.g. Siemens Training and "Vereinigte Osterreichische Stahlwerke Alpine Linz" teach-ware). The Teach-ware is modified when necessary and suited into the available facilities and the needs of the Siemens Group of Companies in Indonesia. By way of keeping technology close to industrial needs, PTSI also provides a wide range of facilities and laboratory equipment's from a conventional to a semi and fully computerized automation technology. The wide range of facilities enable VTC - PTSI to provide training based on the needs and requests for the dynamic growth in Siemens companies and industries.

6. Final Examination and Certification
After having delivered each training module, achievement targets of the trainees are evaluated continuously whereas a test is also being conducted at the end of each semester. The successful trainees from the first year up to the two year will then undergo a Final Examination. For those who pass the examination will be awarded the "Siemens Certificates" and for those who failed will be given a chance to undergo a repeat examination in a 3-month period.
In order to maintain a high level quality graduates, intermediate test and final examination are very rigid and reflect the level of graduates in Germany by applying similar and/or the same tests.

7. VTC - graduates & Distribution
Each year, dissemination of VTC - graduates to all business units is made 2 months before graduation. This is important to give enough time for users to conduct an interview before the placement. For those graduates who are not absorbed by the business unit will be offered to other company. From yearly VTC-graduates about 65% joined Siemens Group of Companies and the rest 35% joined other Indonesian companies.

8. Contribution from PT. Siemens Indonesia.
All facilities as well as work clothes, safety shoes, lunch, medical allowance etc. are free of charge for the apprentices.

9. Apprentice Training Partnership.
Siemens provides apprenticeship programs to produce skilled and trained manpower for companies or institutions. Each trainee supported by the customers/companies or institution will be given the same treatment as given to regular VTC trainees, e.g. work clothes,safety shoes, medical allowance and lunch.
In this regard, a customer will be asked to contribute a part of the operating cost of the training. PT. PENI, PT.South Pacific Viscose, PT.DyStar and PT.Bayer are some of companies which have gained a mutual benefit from this apprenticeship training.

10. Quality Management System
Management system of Vocational Training Center including the implementation has met the requirement of the International Standard : ISO 9001-2000


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